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Whether you need more office space, manufacturing supplies or farm equipment, we have the right loans to fit your business needs. Our knowledgeable staff is here to help you through our quick approval process and answer any questions you may have. Select the loan that is right for you or contact us to apply. 

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Installment Loans

We offer fixed rates on loans for the things you want and need.

Short Term Loans

Expenses can pile up quickly and leave you short on cash, we have a loan for that.

Revolving Lines of Credit

Your answer for financing short term expenses and managing cash flow. 

Floor Plan Financing

Manage your inventory without the stress. Our flexible terms give you the time you need to sell your current inventory.

Agribusiness Services

We have a wide array of loans specially designed to meet the demands of agricultural businesses. 

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Installment Loans

Helping you manage all of your business needs.

An excellent way to finance all your intermediate business needs.

  • Quick approval and closings help your business operate more effectively
  • 1/2% interest rate discount if you have your payment directly deducted from a Peoples Bank Co. checking account or 1/4% discount if payments are deducted from an account at another financial institution.
  • Fixed and variable interest rates allow you to decide which one would work best for your business plan.
  • Secured and unsecured loans available
  • Flexible repayment options designed to fit every cash flow situation

Short Term Loans

Perfect for when you need help right away.

A great way to cover those temporary cash flow and inventory expenses.

  • Many repayment options to fit your budget and cash flow situation
  • Competitive fixed and variable rates vary according to the term and amount of your loan
  • Lower loan fee than many other banks.
  • Secured and unsecured loans available

Revolving Lines of Credit

Providing the flexibility your business needs.

This is an excellent way to finance short term operating expenses and manage cash flow. It can save you time and money and give you the flexibility you need to effectively manage your business.

  • Unlimited number of advances
  • Convenient to use because advances can be made in person, by telephone or online banking
  • One year term with annual renewal and reviews by an experienced loan officer
  • Quick approval and closing
  • Variable interest rate tied to prime rate guarantees you a competitive rate
  • Secured & unsecured lines offered
  • Accrued interest can be due monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually; whichever one works best for your budget
  • Sweep account option available through a business checking account

Floor Plan Financing

We offer great rates and fast approval to help expand your dealership or restock inventory.
Whether it is farm equipment or computer inventory, we are here to help grow your business.

Give us a call for more information.

Agribusiness Services

We specialize in helping you grow.

The Peoples Bank Co. offers various agricultural services designed to meet the special needs of agricultural-related business and individuals.

Deposit Services
  • In addition to our standard checking services for businesses and individuals, we also offer sweep accounts using a revolving line of credit. Money can easily be moved from the line-of-credit to the checking account and from the checking account back to the line of credit reducing potential overdraft and loan interest expenses. Click here to learn more about our standard checking accounts or email our agricultural services specialist, Matt McCollum for more information about sweep accounts.
  • Check out our standard savings and investment services, especially our short term Certificates of Deposit which can help you earn more money while still giving you the liquidity you need to efficiently manage your agricultural business.
Loan Services

The Peoples Bank Co. offers a variety of agricultural related loans to purchase or expand a local farm or agribusiness including equipment, vehicles, livestock, inventory, land, and facilities.

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