You can find the Savings Account that is right for you. Savings Accounts with convenient access or one that earns more interest, we have a Personal Savings option just for you.

Comparing Savings Accounts

This simple savings account is very easy to use and there is no service fee for account holders under 21 years of age.

  • Unlimited deposits and withdrawals
  • ATM accessible (subject to approval)
  • Variable interest rate that is higher than many of our competitors
  • Maintain a minimum balance of $250.00 can waive a small $4.00 monthly service charge. (applies to customers age 21+)

A parent’s or an adults co-signature required for account holders under 18.

This is an unique savings option for anyone under 18.  It is a great way to save for college and teach young people the value of working towards a goal. 

  • Open this account with as little as $10
  • High variable interest rate is tied to the prime rate. Your rate is guaranteed to increase every time the prime rate increases.
  • Possible tax savings because the account is in the child’s name
  • Unlimited deposits
  • No withdrawals until the child is 18 or entering college
  • Once the child turns 18 years of age the account is restricted until customer transfers the fund to a new account. 

This account looks like a savings account but gives you access like a checking account.

  • Tiered interest rates and interest is compounded and paid monthly
  • Unlimited deposits
  • 6 withdrawals per month
  • ATM accessible for 24 hour banking (subject to approval)
  • No monthly service fee if you maintain a minimum daily balance of just $5,000 – A $12.00 monthly service will be assessed if the balance falls below this $5,000
  • Free electronic statements or a small $6.00 fee for a paper statement to be mailed

HSA’s are available to individuals and families who qualify and have a high deductible health insurance plan.

  • Money left in the account at the end of the year rolls over into the next year
  • You control how you spend your healthcare dollars
  • Personalized PBC Debit Card and checks (subject to approval)
  • Travels with you if you change jobs
  • Interest income grows tax deferred and distributions of income for qualified medical expenses are tax exempt

For a complete list refer to IRS publication 502 on Medical and Dental Expenses.  For more information 2020 Publication 969 (

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