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Save time and money with a Construction to Permanent fixed-rate loan from PBC. Financing your new build or renovation project with one closing is simple and easy. Lock in your fixed rate for the term of your loan before you even begin your project. Save time and money with one loan qualification and one time closing costs. You can take up to one year to complete your project before your amortized principal and interest payments begin. No inspections are required prior to each draw. You will only need a completion certificate when finished with your building or renovation project.

Lock in Your Loan with Fixed Rate Financing

Building your dream home can be simplified with your PBC Construction to Permanent Loan. Lock in your rate before you ever start building and save money with just one closing.

Choose your own builder

Take up to one year to complete your home project

Your fixed rate is locked in before you begin construction

No inspection required any time during the building process. Just a completion certificate when you finish your home project

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You won’t have a built-in conversion fee with this loan as some financial institutions charge.

Your loan won’t be sold after your closing.

Your first amortized principal and interest payment begins one month after your one year construction period ends.

Your minimum down payment can be as little as 10%.

You’ll only pay monthly interest-only payments during the construction period.

Your fixed rate is locked in before you begin construction.

What will you need?

Contract with your builder. The choice of the builder is yours.

Your plans and specifications for your new home or the renovation of your home.

A copy of the deed for the property, if you already own it.

The builders certificate of liability insurance. Hazard insurance for the property during the construction.

If you have an existing loan at another bank on the property, it will need to be paid off or refinanced with The Peoples Bank Co.


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