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“In 1991 we had an idea to start a Screenprint shop, we were introduced to Dan Broering with the Peoples Bank Company and Homestretch Sportswear got its start. In 1996 we went back to Dan because we need an embroidery machine, in 1999 we decided to open another store in Wapak with our two girls, back to Dan we went. Then we needed to move our Saint Henry location so back to Dan we went. In 2005 our machines were getting too big, so we needed to build our own building, in 2009 back to Dan we went because we need to add on to that building. In 2011 we found a building to purchase for our Wapak location, so we went to see Dan.

The best part of all the visits back to Dan was we shared with him from our hearts what we wanted to do, he shared with us what the bank was able to do, and it was a great fit for both of us. We educated him on our line of work, and he educated us to his line of work. We have a lot of respect for him, for what he’s all done for us and for the Peoples Bank Company.”

— Owners of Homestretch Sportswear


“The top benefit of using Peoples Bank Company for both my personal and business accounts, they have a great website that makes managing my accounts easy with a one-stop shop.”

“We’ve used them for 20+ years, utilizing one bank for all your banking needs really strengthens your relationship with that bank and lender. When you build that relationship with your lender it makes acquiring future loans quick and easy.”

— Troy Steinbrunner, President of SS Auto Detailing and SS Auto Supplies

Real Estate Investor

“The lenders at Peoples Bank Company have had a huge impact on the goals I’ve had, allowing me to reach and surpass what I thought was possible with real estate investing.”

“Peoples Bank Company has worked with me in ways I never thought they would be able to, the lenders have answered questions and given guidance to buy property.”

— Mike McEvoy – Real Estate Investor

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